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In this corner, we introduce a couple of shopping site in which you can order various kinds of gears for anaglyph users such as Red & Cyan Glasses.

Red & Cyan Glasses (No special order is observed)

American Paper Optics

The3DMarket.com's huge selection of PAPER and PLASTIC 3D Glasses.
  • 3D Paper Glasses
  • 3D Plastic Glasses
  • 3D Fireworks Glasses, etc.


Manufacturer of Paper and Plastic 3D Glasses. Custom printing for your special event or promotion. A wide variety of lenses and styles.
  • California Science Center
  • Holiday Classes
  • Plain White
  • 3D Color Buster, etc.


Wide range of 3D glasses.
  • ProView Anaglyph Glasses
  • Anachrome Everything Glasses
  • MiraChrome 3D Anaglyph Glasses
  • Cardboard Anaglyph Glasses, etc.


3D anaglyph glasses are perfect for viewing 3D pictures either on screen or in print.
  • Red Cyan Hand Held
  • Red Cyan With Arms, etc.


With over 350,000 pairs of 3D glasses continuously in stock.
  • With Arms
  • Jumbo
  • MIDI
  • 3D TV Glasses
Custom printed glasses are our speciality

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