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The images of this site are Paleolithic cave paints that we shot in Northern Spain, but they are converted to stereoscopic ColorCode 3-D images by using the Depth Paint Program "StPaint" and 3D-Easy Professional. The same cave paints are shown at the Anaglyph Plaza, so you will be able to see the difference between the ColorCode 3-D and the traditional Red and Cyan Anaglyph. Comparing to the Anaglyph images, the ColorCode 3-D images looks more natural, but it might be a little harder to see the stereoscopic effect.

Paleolithic cave arts in Asturias, Spain
The cave paints in Tito Bustillo cave, El Buxu Cave, and El Pindal cave are shown at this site.

Paleolithic cave arts in Cantabria, Spain
The cave paints in Altamira Cave, El Castillo Cave, Las Chimeneas Cave, Las Monedas Cave, Chufin Cave, Sabtian Cave are shown at this site.

Paleolithic cave arts in Basque Country, Spain
The cave paints in Ekain Cave, Santimamine Cave, Arenasa Cave are shown at this site.

I tried this stereoscopic macro-shooting of the colorful flowers to emphasize the color quality of ColorCode 3-D. I used here a single compact digital camera that allows us to make super-macro shooting in MF mode. The stereo-base is about 5mm to 10mm and I made one shot by parallel shifting and another by rotating a little bit toward the center of flower on the slide mount. I shot them to make 3D effect as stronger as possible, but in case it is too much, I adjusted the parallax during the ColorCode 3-D encording by using the 3D-Easy Professional. There are many similar images in the gallery, but the shooting data such as zoom ratio, parallax and focus points are all diffetent. Compare them for your reference.

Ume and Nanohana
Ume and Nanohana of Tama Hills, West Tokyo. Shot waiting for the wind to stop a second.

Croccus, Viora, Sakurasou
These are shot inside to avoid the wind.

Orchid and Camellia
Orchid and Camellia shot in my house.

Tulip and Lily
Tulip and lily, This tulip is what I purchased at the International Airport of Amsterdam two years ago.

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