Texnai Overview

Corporate Overview
  • Company Name: Texnai Incorporated
  • Head Office: 2-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Tel: 81-3-3464-6927 Fax : 81-3-3476-2372 e-mail: info@texnai.co.jp
  • Reference Room: Sakai Takisaka, Fujimi-cho, Suwa-gun, Nagano-ken, Japan
  • Capital: JPY 10,000,000.-
  • President: Takeo Fukazawa
  • Incorporated: November 1979
  • Subsidiary: Texnai International, Inc.


Main Business
  • Imaging Software Development Service
  • OEM Software Product Development
  • Multimedia production Service
    Web Design, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM,
  • Image Database Customization
  • PhotoVR Shooting
  • Stereoscopic Shooting
  • Graphic design and printing

Main Products OEM Printer Export Program
  • Pictro_Master3000/Mac for Fujifilm Pictrography3000
  • Pictro_Master Pro.3500/Mac&Win for Fujifilm Pictrography3500
  • Pictro_Master Pro.4000/Mac&Win for Fujifilm Pictrography4000
  • Pictro_Master Pro.PSD400/Mac&Win for Fujifilm PSD400
  • Photoshp plugin/Mac/Win for Fujifilm Pictrography3000(bundled)
  • Photoshp plugin/Mac/Win for Fujifilm Pictrography3500(bundled)
  • Photoshp plugin/Mac/Win for Fujifilm Pictrography4000(bundled)
  • Photoshp plugin/Mac/Win for Fujifilm PSD400(bundled)
AutoQTVR computer controlled QTVR object movie creation system
  • AutoQTVR standard /digital video/digital camera
  • AutoQTVR mini /digital video/digital camera
  • Large Table Rotator
  • Mini Horizontal Rotator Rotator
CD-ROM Publishing
  • "The Mongolian Nomadic World" (New)
  • "Maya Temples and their Stone Mosaics"@Vol.1 Puuc Maya
  • "Maya Temples and their Stone Mosaics"@Vol.2 Belize Maya
  • "Maya Temples and their Stone Mosaics"@Vol.3 Peten Maya
  • "Maya Temples and their Stone Mosaics"@Vol.4 Copan and Quirigua(working)
  • "Paleolithic Arts in North Spain" (Working)

"Texnai" is a Greek word , the originanl word of "Technik" or "Technique". Till B.C.3, it had meant both the art as an imitation technique and all other technique. It is the technique to create some structures by using the best means for certain purposes. So Medical Art, Architecture, Strategy, Political Art, Salvasion Art, Debating Art, Cooking, Magic, Astrology, Literature,@and so on were all found as one of "Texnai". Texnai was established by a small group of artists and enginners to enjoy all these "ÃԃŃ" .
Texnai, Inc.
4-7-3-505 Miyauchi, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan.
Tel:81-(0)44-863-9545 Fax:81-(0)44-863-9597 e-mail: info@texnai.co.jp
Copyright:Texnai, Inc.