Wide range of QTVR Applications

Due to the difficulties of shooting an object from all angles smoothly, it has been said that it is difficult to create and use QTVR object movie, but since Texnai developed a computer controlled shooting system AutoQTVR, it has been much easier to shoot the omniview pictures and Texnai is offering today wide range of QTVR applications such as Web Contents, Multimedia Presentation, CD-ROM titles and PhotoVR image database. We introduce you here a couple of the application samples.

Web-page CD-ROM Digital Archive

1. Web Contents

By using QTVR, you can promote your products much more strongly at your web-site. QTVR object movies are relatively heavier than ordinal still pictures, but thanks to the progress of broadband networks, we have become able to use such images in the net not considering too much about the file size.
Application Examples

  • Museum
  • Products promotion
  • Touristic Information
  • Virtual Mall.

  • 2. CD-ROM Title

    In case you like tot make a better quality presentation, we recommend you to create a stand alone contents or CD-ROM/DVD-ROM publication. QTVR and IPIX are both compatible to Macromedia Director.

    Application Example
    • Multimedia exhibition at museums and trade shows
      It is especially effective in case there is not enogh space to exhibit all the necessary real materials at the exhibition site.
    • Multimedia presentation at conference
      By using large projector, you can make an impressive presentation.
    • CD-ROM Publication
      Products catalog, Exhibits Catalog, Education

    3. QTVR Image database
    Especially in the field of cultural heritages, the digital preservation and publication are becoming very important and urgent issues worldwide.

    One of the most traditional way of degital archives is to shoot and digitize high resolution stll photos.
    Of course, still photos are essential for digital archives. However, if it is a set of omniview images that allows us to appreciate a material from all angles in a computer display, it will be more attractive and useful for our better understandings about the material. QTVR object movie is such kind of omniview image and thanks to the photo realistic quality, it can be said that the QTVR object movie is quite useful especially for digital archives of acadenic and cultural materials.

    Texnai offers total solutions for your digital archiving and image database creation that include concept design, QTVR shooting and image processing, database customization, CD-ROM/DVD-ROM authoring and printing. Contact Texnai. We are always ready to meet your demands anywhere in the world.

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