Data Compression of QTVR movie

An essential point to create a better quality QTVR movie with as smaller size as possible is the data compression method. We can use various kinds of data compression today. The features of each compression method are listed as shown below.B

Data compression methods for QTVR

A couple of polpular compression methods are listed below.

Video Not losing so much image quality, relatively higher compression can be expected. Due to the high speed decompression, QTVR movie can be displayed smoothly. Good compression method for general use.
Photo-JPEG Best quality movie can be created, but this compression is originally deveoloped for still pictures, so the compressed data becomes a little hevier than others and the movement of the movie becomes heavier as well.
CinePak High compression can be expected and the compressed data becomes very light, but it loses the image quality especially for the color of red. It takes a little more time than others to compress.
SolensonVideo Simular method to Cinepak. High compression with enough image quality can be expected, but QuickTime3 is required to be installed at the system to display this movie. The compression time is the longest.
Non compression Without compression, it is almost impossible to display QTVR smoothly.

File size of QTVR object movies after compression

Note: The unit of Movie Size is pixel x pixel. the image matrix of the movie is expressed by Horizontal frame number x Vertical frame number. Therefore, H36 x V12 means a movie of total 432 frames.

*Compression size depends on the color and the shape of the image.
*All the data shown below are for the case of Highst Quality Compression.

Video compression method
Size H36xV12 H36xV10 H36xV5 H36xV1 H18xV5 H12xV5
640x480 30 MB 23.5 MB 11 MB 3 MB 5.7 MB 3.8 MB
320x240 9 MB 7 MB 3.5 MB 0.7MB 1.5MB 1MB
160x120 2.1 MB 1.7 MB 860 KB 228 KB 432 KB 288 KB

Photo-JPEG compression method
Size H36xV12 H36xV10 H36xV5 H36xV1 H18xV5 H12xV5
640x480 40.3 MB 32 MB 15.6 MB 4.2 MB 7.8 MB 5.2 MB
320x240 12 MB 9.6 MB 4.6 MB 1.2 MB 2.3 MB 1.5 MB
160x120 3.5 MB 2.9 MB 1.4 MB 356 KB 732 KB 488 KB

CinePak compression method
size H36xV12 H36xV10 H36xV5 H36xV1 H18xV5 H12xV5
640x480 31.6 MB 26.9 MB 13.2 MB 2.2 MB 6.6 MB 4.4 MB
20x240 8.8 MB 7.3 MB 3.6 MB 700 KB 1.8 MB/td> 1.2 KB
160x120 2.6 MB 2.2 MB 1.1 MB 232 KB 576 KB 384 KB

Solenson compression method
Size H36xV12 H36xV10 H36xV5 H36xV1 H18xV5 H12xV5
640x480 21.8 MB 17.2 MB 8.2 MB 2.3 MB 4.2 MB 2.8 MB
320x240 6.2 MB 5.0 MB 2.4 MB 664 KB 1.2 MB 840 KB
160x120 1.7 MB 1.3 MB 688 KB 176 KB 348 KB 232 KB

Non compression
Size H36xV12 H36xV10 H36xV5 H36xV1 H18xV5 H12xV5
640x480 506.2 MB 421.8 MB 210.9 MB 42.1 MB 105.4 MB 70.3 MB
320x240 126.5 MB 105.4 MB 52.7 MB 10.5 MB 26.3 MB 17.6 MB
160x120 31.2 MB 26 MB 13 MB 2.6 MB 6.5 MB 4.3 MB

File size of smaller QTVR object movies forweb-page after compression

Note:This table shows the case of H12xV5=60-frame movies.

* Select movie size to see the QTVR object movie.

Data Compression method 640 x 480 320 x 240 160 x 120
Video compression method 3.8 MB 1.2 MB 288 KB
PhotoJPEG compression method 5.2 MB 1.5 MB 488 KB
Cinepak compression method 4.4 MB 1.2 MB 502 KB
Solenson Compression 1.8 MB 879 KB 232 KB

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