What is QTVR object movie ?

QTVR object movie can be expressed by an Image Matrix that consists of Row still images and Column still images.

QTVR object movie is a sort of QuickTime movie developed by Apple Computer, Inc.
The principle of the QTVR object movie is very simple. The QTVR object movie contains a couple of images with a shape of image matrix as shown right. When opening this movie file by Apple's Movie Player, one of those images is selected to display on the screen according to the position of the mouse cursor. Then when keeping down the mouse, the image is displayed one after another continuously so to give a movement like an animation.

[Photo] Image matrix sample.

Therefore, we need to prepare a set of image matrix first to create a QTVR object movie. We have a couple of way to create the image matrix. Computer graphics is one of them, but we use our own photographic method by using our newly developed 2-axis rotators AutoQTVR system as shown below.

[Photo right] AutoQTVR system installed at a QTVR 3D photo Studio. A digital video camera is equipped on the camera mount in this system, but High-resolution digital camera is being used today to create higher quality QTVR.

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