Texnai's Stereo3D HiBox

Stereo3DHD Player for a stereo pair of 720p MPEG2.TS

[Photo] 3DHD Projection System sample by using Texnai Stereo3D HiBox
Only the PC-Box allows you to integrate various kind of 3DHD display sytem by using a pair of DLP projectors or a microPol 3D LCD, etc.

Texnai's 3D HiBox is PC-based Stereo3DHD Player that is developed for enjoying 3DHD movies at as lower cost as possible and much easily than ever before not using many expensive equipments such as a pair of professional HD players with a syncronizer or 3D Encoder & Decoder. What you need is only a stereo pair of MPEG2.TS Files to play 3DHD movies. The main program "HDS Player" supports various kind of 3D displays such as Dual Projectors microPol 3D LCD, so when using a pair of DLP projector and a silver screen, you can integrate a 3DHD mini theater and when using a microPol 3D LCD, you can easily integrate a 3DHD Editing system.

[Photo] Texnai Stereo3D HiBox

[Main functions of 3D HiBox]
  • The main software HDS player reads a stereo pair of HDV movies (MPEG2.TS/720p) and outputs various kind of stereoscopic video signals such as Dual Output for a pair of DLP projectors and a H-interleaved video output for microPol 3D LCD.
  • HDS player also supports a simple 3D movie menu that enables users to select a movie file to play by simple keybord operation.
[Photo right] 3DHD shooting sysytem: Sharp auto3D mebius(Realtime 3D monitor) + 720p HDV camera JVC GR-HD1 x 2

[When using the 3D HiBox.......]
  • You can integrate a 3D HD display system at much lower cost than ever before.
  • You can create 3DHD contents very easily without any special 3D encoding process.
[Photo right] 3DHD Editing System: Texnai 3D HiBox(Adobe Premiere Pro. 1.5 & MainConcept Plugin insatalled) + Dimen 17" SXGA microPol 3D LCD.

[3D HiBox Application]
  • 3DHD Theater that consists of 3D HiBox, Dula Projector, Silver Screen, Audio System)
  • 3DHD Terminal that consists of 3D HiBox and 17" microPol LCD
  • 3DHD Editor that consists of 3D HiBox, 17" microPol LCD, and Adobe Premiere Pro. 1.5 & MainConcept PluginATexnai JPS Builder & Viewer, Texnai Depth Paint StPaint.

[Available Stereoscopic Displays]
  • Dual Projectors
  • Vrex micoPol LCD
  • Auto3D LCD----Sharp, DTI
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