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"Paleolithic Arts in
Northern Spain"
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  • PhotoVR Multimedia Database

    "Paleolithic Arts in Northern Spain"

    Base de Datos Multimedia PhotoVR

    "Arte Paleolítico en la Región Cantábrica"

    Version 1.1.3
    In this database are contained the contents as shown below.

    1. User's Guide (PDF)
    2. Commentary (PDF) :
    Written by Prof. Dr. César González Sainz and Roberto Cacho Toca, University of Cantabria,
    Dept. of Historical Science.
    • The Art of Upper Paleolithic hunters. Introduction to cave art in the Iberian Peninsula.
    • Everyday art. Upper Paleolithic decorated objects in the Cantabrian Region.
    • The western Cantabrian Region. Introduction to Paleolithic Cave Art in Asturias.
    • The Central Cantabrian Valleys. Introduction to Paleolithic Cave Art in Cantabria.
    • The End of the Cantabrian Corridor. Introduction to Paleolithic Art assemblages in the Basque Country.
    • General Bibliography
    3. PhotoVR Database
    1) Paleolithic cave arts in Asturias.(Still photo, IPIX, video): 248 records
    • Cueva de La Peña de Candamo.
    • Cueva de La Lluera I.
    • Cueva de Tito Bustillo.
    • Cueva de El Buxu.
    • Cueva de El Pindal.
    • Cueva de La Loja.
    2) Paleolithic cave arts in Cantabria (Still photo, IPIX, video) :577 records
    • Cueva de Chufín.
    • Cueva de Altamira.
    • Cueva de Hornos de la Peña.
    • Cueva del Castillo.
    • Cueva de Las Chimeneas.
    • Cueva de La Pasiega
    • Cueva de Las Monedas
    • Cueva de Santián
    • Cueva de El Pendo.
    • Cueva de La Haza.
    • Cueva de Covalanas.
    • Cueva de Pondra.
    3) Paleolithic cave arts in the Basque Country (Still photo, IPIX, video):187 records
    • Cueva de Venta de la Perra.
    • Cueva de Arenaza
    • Cueva de Santimamiñe.
    • Cueva de Ekain.
    4) Mobil arts found in Northern Spain (QTVR object):143
    5) Landscape( Still photo, QTVR Panorama, IPIX, Video ) :312 records

    [ External images ]
    In this database are contained thousands of external images. You can use all the images for your own private purpose such as educational presentation, web page, greeting card. In case of commercial purpose, contact Texnai, Inc. by e-mail shown below.
    • Still photo (about 1024 x 768-pixel JPEG): 1200
    • Spherical panorama (640 x 480-pixel IPIX): 127
    • Omniview VR image (640 x 480-pixel QTVR Object movie) :286
    • Panorama (550 x 240-pixel QTVR Panorama movie):91
    • Video (640x480-pixel QuikTime Movie): 43 clips
    • Cave plan (JPEG): 22
    • Map(JPEG):6
    • Trace(JPEG):143
    • Chlonology:1

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