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    "Paleolithic Arts in Northern Spain"


    As well as the members of the technical and scientific team, numerous people, institutions and organizations have assisted in the preparation of this Database. We would like to express our gratitude to all of them here.
    • Ministry of International Trade and Industries and IPA, MMCA, Japan. Especially, Masato Yoshizaki and Hidenori Nakamoto of MMCA
    • Iberia Airline Tokyo Headoffice: The general manager Mitsuaki Wada
    • Spanish Embassy, Tokyo: the Consular Gerardo Bugallo Ottone
    • Historical Heritage and Archives Service, Consejer’a de Cultura, Principality of Asturias:
      The director of the Service: José Ecenarro Tomé, and, especially, Jorge Camino Mayor and Estefanía Sánchez.
    The work in the different caves in the Principality was assisted efficiently by many of the guides belonging to the above service:
    • Santiago Calleja and Alicia García Fernández (caves of La Lluera and Peña Candamo)
    • Mónica Balmori, (Tito Bustillo),
    • María Luisa Quesada Soto (Cueva de El Buxu),
    • Xosé Firmu García Cosío (La Loja)
    • Oscar Sánchez Gómez (Pindal).
    • Ethnographical and Archeological Museum, Oviedo: Enrique Tessier.

    • Consejería de Cultura y Deporte del Gobierno de Cantabria:
      Jesœs Miguel Oria Díaz (Regional Director of Culture) and Miguel Angel Sánchez Gómez.
    In the same way, we acknowledge the vital assistance of the prehistoric cave guides in the Autonomous Community of Cantabria:
    • Antonio Gómez Fraile (Cueva de Chufín)
    • José María Ceballos del Moral
    • José Riancho Hoz
    • Ludovico Rodríguez Liaño
    • Pilar Fernández Rodríguez and Esteban Crespo Gómez (caves of Monte Castillo, Hornos de la Peña and Santián)
    • Joaquín Eguizabal Torre (Cuevas de Covalanas and La Haza).
    In Cueva de El Pendo we were helped by the archeologists
    • Ramón Montes,
    • José Manuel Morlote
    • Emilio Muñoz.

    In each museum and institute in each coutry, we are assisted by many archeologists;
    • Regional Museum of Prehistory and Archeology, Santander: Amparo López Ortiz (director) and Jaime Serdio Agüero.
    • Altamira Museum and Research Center: José Antonio Lasheras (director) and Carmen de las Heras.
    • Historical Heritage Service, Diputación Foral de Bizkaia: Aingeru Zabala Uriarte (director), and the archeologists: Mikel Unzueta and Iñaki García Camino, who accompanied us in the caves of Venta de la Perra, Arenaza y Santimamiñe.
    • Basque Ethnographical and Archeological Museum, Bilbao: Amaia Basterretxea and Eva M. Barriocanal.
    • Diputación Foral de Guipœzcoa and Aranzadi Science Society, San Sebastián: Jesús Altuna Echave (director of the Prehistory section), and the archeologists and researchers Koro Mariezkurrena, Fran Zumalabe and Xabier Peñalver, who accompanied us in Cueva de Ekain and who assisted with the revision of mobiliary art from the caves of Guipúzcoa.

    • University of Cantabria (Santander):
      Our work has benefited from the assistance of different people and services at the University, whom we would like to acknowledge here:

      Alfonso Moure Romanillo (Vice-rector of University Extension)
      Ramón Teja Casuso and Eloy Gómez Pellón (Director and Secretary of the Department of Historical Sciences)
      Antonio Santos (University Library)
      Ramón Maruri (Publications Service)
      José María Desiré Fernández (Research Results Transfer Office) y Luis Teira Mayolini (draftsman in the Department of Historical Sciences).
    We would equally like to thank some of our colleagues, other researchers in Cantabrian cave art, for the facilities granted for including in this Database photographs of caves or materials that have not yet been studied or are pending further analysis. Above all,
    • professors Javier Fortea Pérez (University of Oviedo)
    • Rodrigo de Balbín Behrmann (University of Alcalá de Henares)
    • A. Moure Romanillo (University of Cantabria)
    • Ramón Montes Barquín (GAEM, Cantabria)
    • J. Altuna Echave (Aranzadi Science Society).
    Finally, the Database has benefited from the advice and support of Assistant Professor Yuji Seki (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka) and we would like to express our gratitude to Professor Masanori Aoyagi (University of Tokyo), Professor Takeru Akazawa(International Recearch Center for Japan), Professor Yoshinori Ezawa , and Prof. Vialou (Institute Paleontologie Humaine, Paris) , who kindly prepared opportunities to do our presentation of the database at their institutes.

    Takeo Fukazawa, Texnai, Inc.
    Roberto Cacho Toca, Department of Historical Sciences, University of Cantabria
    César González Sainz, Department of Historical Sciences, University of Cantabria

    Texnai, Inc.
    2-1, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Tel:03-3464-6927 Fax:03-3476-2372
    Copyright:Texnai, Inc.