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  • PhotoVR Multimedia Database by DVD-ROM

    "Paleolithic Arts in Northern Spain"

    Video report on PhotoVR shooting in Cantabria by DVD-VIDEO

    "CANTABRIA ---- Paleolithic Route in Northern Spain"

    2-DVD 1 set, now available for Win & Mac users
    by On-demand Publishing

    We are proud to announce that the PhotoVR multimedia database "Paleolithic Arts in Northern Spain" is completed and that we are ready to release the DVD-ROM edition including the DVD video report on the PhotoVR shooting "CANTABRIA" by On-demand Publishing. Make sure the system requirement and the contents and send us Purchase Form included in this site to order the DVDs.

    PhotoVR database "Paleolithic Arts in Northern Spain", created by Texnai & the Univ. of Cantabria, Spain, Commentary and Scientific Inspection by Prof. Dr. C. González Sainz, Div. of Historical Science, UC.

    Video report "CANTABRIA", created by Texnai.

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