A computer controlled 2-axis omniview shooting system developed for creating QTVR object movies

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AutoQTVR allows you to shoot 360 degree omniview images quite smoothly and almost automatically.

If you want to create a high quality QTVR movie that rotates smoothly on your display, it is absolutely necessary to shoot the object from all angles at exactly equivalent steps for both horizontal and vertical rotations. AutoQTVR is a computer controlled omniview shooting system deveolped to meet this demand and it allows you to shoot quite smooth omniview images by using the combination of 2-axis rotators--- a horizontal object rotator and a vertical camera arm rotator.

Currently there are 2 types of AutoQTVR---- AutoQTVR standard for shooting objects of 20 to 60 cm cube and AutoQTVRmini for shooting objects of 20 cm cube or smaller.

Regarding the camera, we can use both digital video cameras and digital cameras, but we use high resolution digital cameras such as Nikon D1 series to shoot high quality omniview images. Available digital cameras at the presence are;

1)NIkon D1
2)Nikon D1X
3)Canon EOS 1D/1Ds/10D (under developping)

To control two axis rotators and a digital camera, software controller "Object Master_DC" is bundled in the system.

Computer: IBM compatible PC Windows 2000/XP

[Photo right] Shhoting a Jomon pottery by using AutoQTVR + NIKON D1 + Windows2000. Idojiri archeological museum, Fujimi-cho, Nagano, JapanAJune, 2002


AutoQTVRstd is a suitable for shooting objects of 20 to 60 cm cube. Size of shooting object is limited by the camera arm size, but in case of horizontal shooting alone, you can shoot bigger objects of about 200 cm high and 100 kg such as a human body by using an optional Big Rotator. When using another optional shorter camera arm, you can make a macro shooting as well even by using the AutoQTVR standard.

[Photo] An AutoQTVR standard equipped with a digital video camera. When using a NTSC digital camera, the original images you can import from the camera becomes DV formated image of 640x480 pixels. In case of digital camera, the image size depends on the specification of the camera.


AutoQTVRmini is suitable for shooting objects of 20cm cube or smaller. This desktop system allows you to make a quite precise shooting and it is applied for a shooting system for 2-dimentional object such as Hologram that looks diffrently depending on our view points.
Control software

A control software "ObjectMaster" is bundled in the AutoQTVR system. When you like to use a digital video camera, you use "Object_Master DV" for PowerMacintosh and get DV images of 640x480 . In case of using a digital camera, you use "Object_Master DC" and get high resolution JPEG or TIFF images of about 2000 x 1600 pixels or more. Nikon D1/D1X/D1H have been supported till today and Canon's EOS series are now under developping.


The maximum size of AutoQTVRstd becomes about 140cmiLjx 820cm(D) x 200cm(h), but you can take the mashine to a couple of pieces so that you may transport it easily.

AutoQTVR shooting

Since 1996, the AutoQTVR has been used for various kinds of digital archiving project.
AutoQTVRmini Hologram shooting system

AutoQTVR is not only for shooting omniview images of 3 dementional objects. It is effective for any kind of material that chamges the aspect depending on our view points. The hologram shooting system is the good example. Hologram changes its aspect depending on the viewing angle. AutoQTVR can get the change of aspect very clearly and by creating the QTVR object movie, you can display a quite realistic hologram on your computer display.

Stereoscopic QTVR

When using AutoQTVR, by taking advantage of rotation parallax of each couple of horizontal images, you can create a stereoscopic QTVR even by using a single camera. When using two cameras, of course, you can shoot full omniview stereoscopic QTVR. Even with a single camera only, when repeating the same omniview shooting, you can shoot full omniview stereoscopic QTVR by sliding the camera a little bit . Why don't you use this stereoscopicQTVR for your digital archives ?

QTVR image database"LaserFileIV_VR"

This is a multimedia database management program designed especially for putting QTVR movies in order. We can accept any kinds of customization.

  • Database engine: ACI 4th Dimesion
  • System requirement:IBM PC compatible Windows2000/XPAPowerMacintosh OS8.6ˆČć

AutoQTVRstd | AutoQTVRmini | Installation | AutoQTVR shooting | Hologram shooting | QTVR DBase | QTVR samples

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