Stereo3D Solution

Thanks to the recent innovation of digital imaging products such as various kinds of 3D LCD, High Resolution Digital camera, and consumable HDV Cameras, it has become much easier than ever before to shoot and create high quality stereoscopic 3D images. By taking advantage of these technologies, Texnai offers wide range of solutions for stereoscopic 3D contents creation and display.

[Photo] A pair of JVC Digital Hi-Vision Movie Camera GR-HD1 and 30" microPol3D LCD(image)

3D HD Player "Stereo3D HiBox"

Texnai's Stereo3D HiBox is a PC-based 3D HD Player that allows us to play 3D HD movies of 720p by using a pair of projector or a horizontal interleaved 3D LCD such as Vrex microPol. You can only set up 2 files of MPEG2.TS in the 3D HiBox to play 3D HD. It is not necessaary to encode a stereo pair of movies, so it is very easy to create 3D HD contents.

[Photo] 3D HiBox(Assemble sample)

  • Price: Open
Stereo3D HD Editing System

This is a Stereo3D HD Editing System that consists of Texnai's "3D HiBox" and 17" SXGA microPol 3D LCD "Dimen G170A". JPS Builder & Viewer and a 3D Depth Paint Program "StPaint" and Adobe Premiere Pro. and MPEG Encoder are preinstalled with 3D HD Player.

[Photo] Texnai 3D HiBox +Dimen G170A

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Stereo3D HD Projection System

This is a minimum 3D HD Projection System that consists of Texnai's 3D HiBox, a pair of DLP projector(Real XGA, compressed SXGA, 2000 lm) with Polarization Filters and 80" Portable Silver Screen.

[Photo] Texnai 3D HiBox + PLUS U4 232-h + 80"Portable Silver Screen

  • Price: Open. You can choose your best Projectors and Silver Screen depending on the size of projection space.
17" SXGA microPol 3D LCD Set
(17"microPol 3D LCD Dimen G1 70A + Texnai JPS Builder & Viewer)

This is a 17"SXGA microPol 3D LCD bundled with 2 Polarization Glasses and Texnai's JPS Builder & Viewer. The display resolution is 1280x1024, so you can use this for 3D HD display of 720P. Of course you can use this as an ordinary SXGA 2D LCD monitor.

  • Price: Open.
30" WXGA microPol 3D LCD Set
(Sharp 30"AQUOS + microPol Filter + Texnai JPS4U + StPaint)

This is a 30" WXGA microPol 3D LCD bundled with 2 Polarization Glasses and Texnai's JPS Builder & Viewer. The display resolution is 1280x767 maximum, so you can use this for 3D HD display of 720P. Of course you can use this as an ordinary WXGA 2D LCD monitor. Sharp's 30" LCD monitor "Aquos" is used for the LCD panel.

  • Price: Open.
Stereo3D Depth Paint Program "StPaint"

StPaint is an application program that allows you to convert your ordinary 2D pictures to Stereoscopic 3D pictures by means of what we call "Depth Painting". In order to realize as smoother 3D conversion as possible, in this program are prepared various kinds of Depth Pen and Painting Mode such as Round Brush, Air Brush, Rectangular Paint, Elliptic Paint, Polygon Paint, and Gradation Paint. Automatic conversions using the value of Brightness and Red or Blue color are also included to give the special effect.

StPaint User's Guide(1.8MB)
  • Price: Open.
JPS 4U Set(JPS Builder & Viewer)

The JPS4U is a software package that consists of JPS Builder & Viewer. The JPS Builder allows you to adjust the parallax of right and left pictures you shot and to create the excellent Stereoscopic JPS images at ease.

The JPS Viewer allows you to see the JPS images created by the JPS Builder in stereo by using microPol 3D LCD, Sharp's Parallax Barrier Auto3D Display and Anaglyph method. when selecting a holder that includes a series of JPS images, you can play the Slide Show with a BGM.

JPS Builder User's Guide (1.5MB/processing)
JPS Viewer User's Guide (1.5MB/processing)
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Stereo Bar Novoflex Castel L + Digital Camera(Reference)

This kind of Stereo Bar is useful for shooting 3D by a single digital camera. Especially in case you make a Macro Shooting in 3D, this kind of high quality stereo bar is quite useful.

  • Ask your nearest dealer.
Sharp 3D Mebius PCRD3D Set (Bundled with Texnai JPS4U)

This is Sharp's Auto3D Laptop PC with the naked eyed 3D display method of Parallax Barrier. When selecting tyhe 3D mode, you can see stereoscopic 3D images without any 3D glasses. The display resolution is 1024x768. When running a certain program that are based on Direct X and OpenGL, you can see the 3D images in realtime.

3D Mebius Detail Information/Japan
3D Mebius(Actus AL3DU) Detail Information/USA

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